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Trade old skins for new ones. Convenient 5 second trading. 25% deposit bonus! Your favorite skins in one place. Trade with CS.Mone Multi-game trade bot. Low fees. 23.000.000+ Trusted trades done. Start trading now. Instant trade PUBG, CSGO, H1Z1 and Dota 2 skins. Fully automated trade bot CS:GO Investments. If you want to get profit without wasting time, then investment is the perfect solution for you. All you have to do is invest in cs go items and wait until they grow in value. Basic investment principle is illustrated below. Of course you can add money to a Swiss bank and also get % of this money. But the main difference is that from your deposit in the bank you will receive 1% per year, when with a competent investment to CS GO the minimum income will be 100%. Of course.

You should never invest in almost no demand items because there will be more risk, and it will be more difficult to sell those items. There should always be a reason why you want to invest in a CSGO item at a certain price and why that price will be higher in the future. It's important to look at CSGO's player count since more players will mean a higher demand for knives and nice play skins. Currently, the player count is in decline, so knives and play skins are a foolish investment idea. Mein altes Video zu dem Thema: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1qkpnYiMBwSchon reich durch Kisten? Zeit für ne Breitling: https://amzn.to/32kIjkr Skins kauf.. CSGO Keys: CSGO keys have a fixed price in game of $2.50 and are used as currency amoung traders, and of course to open cases. Investing in keys is pointless, unless you want to park your money, or trade or cashout, or unless you can buy keys at a cheaper rate than one normally could (currency issues)

tbh investment in csgo is one way to do a low risk investment i have invested 100$ last year on kinfe and made 80$ in profit !! you need a really good knowledge in peoples interest to invest and think of possible profit !!! invest small amounts like 10-50 $ and think or achieve to get a return a possible of 8-16% in return !! hydra collection will go haywire soon get ur hands on it now or never !! try awp skins like omi san , hypbeast , elite build, mortis !! any help hit me u LOOT:Farm online CS:GO, PUBG, DOTA 2, H1Z1 Trading Bot erlaubt es dir deine CS:GO skins für Anteile zu investieren und daraus Profit zu erlangen Counter-Strike, Spiele und Gaming. 11.09.2019, 17:44. Wenn du Unboxen meinst, dann nein, es lohnt sich nicht. Wenn du damit meinst, dass du in Kisten investierst und die dann später für mehr verkaufst, dann ja. Zur Zeit lohnen sich aber nur die Gamma 2 und Chroma 3 Cases, da das die einzigen 3 Cent-Cases sind, die gerade nicht mehr gedropt. CS:GO. 14/06/2021 11:03pm. olofmeister returns to FaZe for BLAST Premier Spring Final 2021 0. 14/06/2021 10:51pm. Virtus.pro returns to the top 5 of HLTV.org rankings 0. 14/06/2021 2:36pm. IEM Summer 2021 grand final gathered 188,7 viewers at peak 0. 14/06/2021 2:24pm. Gambit equaled with NAVI & Astralis in the Intel Grand Slam S3 race 0. About Contacts Information User Agreement. Help How can. Buy and sell skins and keys from CS:GO, DotA2, TF2, Rust and Z1BR. Pay with Bank transaction, Paysafecard or G2A. SkinBaron - low prices, fast & secure Pay with Bank transaction, Paysafecard or G2A

Csgo cases are the safest investment in the game. These investments can take a l... These investments can take a l... In this video we go over the best csgo cases to invest into for some profit Browse all non-tournament CS:GO stickers. Check market prices, rarity levels, inspect links, capsule drop info, and more Browse CS:GO agent characters. Check out market prices, inspect links, rarity levels, preview pictures, and more

Investing in CS:GO items is not what most people would consider investing in as the market for virtual goods is still relatively new however over the last few years it has shown to bring in good returns to those who purchase cases and wait, or those who select the right skins to hold onto FULL CSGO CASE INVESTING GUIDE 2021 | WHAT To INVEST IN - YouTube. FULL CSGO CASE INVESTING GUIDE 2021 | WHAT To INVEST IN. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If. This video is sponsored by Keyvana, a cs go investing site where you can buy and sell your skins with 0% fees, check out Keyvana here:https://keyvana.trade/i.. Thinking about investing in CSGO cases? Here are the best cases you should be investing in RIGHT NOW during the Steam Summer Sale 2020.I share with you the b.. CS:GO trade up contract profit simulator / calculator. How to make a profit from CS:GO Trade Ups. You will see many great examples of CS:GO Trade Ups

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Are cs go knives a good investment? If so which ones should I invest on? Hello I have been purchasing some really cheap knives here and there but now I am read spend a good deal of money on a worthy knife. Basically, I want to buy one and sell it years later and call it a fair investment. Last edited by rubberepileptic; Apr 19, 2016 @ 11:59pm < > Showing 1-15 of 34 comments . rubberepileptic. CS:GO INVESTMENT BUY / SELL has 273 members. Group was created to share ideas about investment opportunities in CS:G Opening a CS:GO case will give an average of return 60% of the cost of opening the case. This means your expected to open 60 dollars of skins from $100 spent on cases and keys. Most would say that opening cases is a complete scam, and they are definitely on to something. Valve (the creators of CS:GO) does not set the skins' prices, so how much you get back from opening cases is determined by. After a team sticker-less year in 2020, Valve has finally brought out new CSGO stickers, giving us a chance to once again support our favourite teams, as well as invest some cash into one of the game's most interesting markets. Let's start off with the bad news, though. Because of constant roster changes, Valve couldn't really get player autograph. CS:GO Patch Pack; Music Kits ; Masterminds Music Kit Box; Radicals Box; Collectable Pins; Half-Life: Alyx Collectible Pins; Series 2; Series 3; Series 1; Graffiti; CS:GO Graffiti #3 Collection (Recoil) CS:GO Graffiti #2 Collection; Trolling Graffiti Collection; London 2018 Team Graffiti; Boston 2018 Team Graffiti; Krakow 2017 Team Graffiti; Atlanta 2017 Team Graffit

Worst CS:GO investment ? MrOlympia mirb, g2 superteam, new vp coldzera, snax to mousesport anything else? 2020-04-11 23:13. Topics are hidden when running Sport mode. #1 | Potato_head. mirb? 2020-04-11 23:14. 3 replies #6 MrOlympia. mibr bots. 2020-04-11 23:15 #10 | clockworkk. at this point we can call them mirb they're not even worthy for going under the mibr tag. 2020-04-11 23:17. 1 reply. CS GO Investments: Top 7 AK-47 Skins To Invest In Now [2020] by The Editor. April 17, 2021. in Videos. 0. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Email. This can be a private listing of what I feel are the very best trying AK skins you can put money into proper now and get your self some good any simple revenue by doing so. CS GO source. Tags: AK47 best investments 2021 uk best. Dota2/CS:GO, Investment/Profit Organization, shrilanka. 2,665 likes · 1 talking about this. Dota/CSGO/Sports Prediction CS GO Investment? In was sollte/könnte man aktuell in cs go investieren, was sich lohnt und wo man viel Gewinn mach. Kisten sind glaube ich das beste. Aber welche??...komplette Frage anzeigen. 5 Antworten mUatu 03.05.2017, 14:53. Hallo erstmal. Diesen Sommer(2017) wird eine neue Engine und eine neue Operation erscheinen. Somit wird die Phoenix Case vermutlich nicht mehr in Drops erhaltbar.

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I have been investing lots of money into CS:GO items the past week. I have probably put in around $15k+ so far this week, spread between three accounts, using the SCM, Skinport, and Dmarket. I don't use any API. I plan to put in around $100k total. My accounts all own CSGO and are quite old. I have heard that using steam to make money/invest is against TOS, and have read accounts of users. CS:GO skin investment 2021. I was told that all cs:go knives and skins will go up in price because of a skin shortage. Do you think that it´s worth buying a knife right now? I was thinking about buying the Gut knife Doppler because my budget is not that high. what do you think? 1 comment. share. save. hide . report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. CS:GO INVESTMENT BUY / SELL has 273 members. Group was created to share ideas about investment opportunities in CS:G Discontinued Cases. Discontinued weapon cases do not drop at all and are only available via the Steam Community Market and through trading. Whilst not officially confirmed, it is widely accepted within the CS:GO community that the eSports cases available between 2013 and 2014 are no longer available as their original purpose was to raise funds for the major prize pools

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CS.MONEY is the best site CS:GO Trading Bot, that lets you exchange, buy and sell skins fast, safely and efficiently. You can trade, sell and buy skins, keys, stiсkers, knives, items, cases for real mone We share all the developments here,and we chat about investment. Comments. Will be Updated Over Time Case Name. Release Date. Rare or Active Drop. CSGO Weapon Case. August 14, 2013. Confirmed Rare. eSports 2013 Case. August 14, 2013. Discontinued? Operation Bravo Case. September 19, 2013. Confirmed Rare. CSGO Weapon Case 2 . November 8, 2013. Confirmed Rare. Winter Offensive Weapon Case.

If you come to G2G.com by google CS:GO Account or CS:GO Ranked Account or Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Account or CSGO cheap Account or CSGO cheap Account free or Buy CSGO Account or buy level 3 csgo account or csgo ranks for sale or cs go acc for sale, then you are at the right place for the cheapest CSGO accounts! Keys (0) GamePal (375) Accounts (3063) Coaching (11. CSGOLive.com is a CSGO skins case opening website where you can open cases for multiple games (DOTA/CS:GO/VGO). Our cases give great odds on the best items from the sought after Dragon Lore, Medusa and much, much mor

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  1. In CS:GO Jackpot games users put up their skins into the pot, where one person will win the whole pot. The higher total value a player adds to the pot, the higher chance the user has to win. Jackpot is a very fun and exciting game to play, where you possibly can make a huge profit from a small investment. CSGO CRASH . Place a bet and watch the multiplier increase from 1x upwards! Players can.
  2. Trade Up Contract Simulator. The trade up contract allows players to trade 10 normal or 10 StatTrak weapon skins of the same weapon quality from any collection for 1 new weapon skin of the next highest grade tier chosen randomly from one of the collections used. Not all weapons are eligible for the trade up contract. Links to market and database
  3. Roulette. Roulette is the communitys favourite CS:GO Gambling game. You can exchange your CS:GO skins for coins on Roulette sites. You can bet those coins on black, red or green. Red and black give you *2 payout and green is less likely to hit, but if you hit it will give you *14 payout, which makes betting on green risky but rewarding
  4. Hier bleibt das Trading Erlebnis als abenteuerliches Investment stets in einem verlässlichen Rahmen. Denn wir haben uns die Usability, die Gebühren, die Assets, die Weiterbildung und das Design genauer angesehen. Bei unserem Broker Vergleich mussten die Plattformen also in diesen Kategorien herausragende Ergebnisse präsentieren. Bevor man sich blindlings für eine Plattform entscheidet.
  5. Buy & Sell CS:GO, Dota2, Rust, TF2 & Z1BR Skins & Items - Visit Website » CS.Trade. Established in 2018, and with over a million trades, CS.Trade has risen from the depths to become one of the well-known CSGO skin trading sites. It offers an impressive variety of CSGO skins and has something fascinating for everyone. What makes it a reliable platform is the fact that it has affiliate programs.
  6. Do you need the best or new CS:GO skin? Open cases on Hellcase and get all skins to your Steam now. Just buy case and get your Dragon lore, Howl or Asiimov. The biggest case opening website in the World with Upgrader, Case Battles, permanent Giveaways, Daily Free, Events and Seasonal cases

CS GO Skins for FREE. You can get CS GO Skins completely for free - NO GAMBLING / NO DEPOSIT! Check out how it works below. Earn Points now WoW Burning Crusade Classic is on the horizon, and many players want to prepare everything they can to do. Some investments are also necessary before TBC. Here MmoGah.com would like to share some tips with players, and they can invest in some items before WoW TBC Classic.. To decide which character you want to play. If you make up your mind on the main character in advance, you will benefit.

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  1. LOOT.Farm - Automatic CS:GO, DOTA 2, TF2, RUST, Z1BR Trading Bot - Exchange your skins now. Attention! Our service only use https://LOOT.FARM address. Don't be a victim of phishing! If trade offer from our bot cancels and you get a similar trade offer from another account - your Steam account is HACKED ! Get more information about the Steam Web.
  2. Starting today, CS:GO items received in trade will have the same seven-day trade cooldown as items purchased in-game or via the Steam Community Market. We (and thousand others!) believe this change should be reverted as soon as possible as this essentially kills trading
  3. Browse all CS:GO gloves. View glove skins with prices, inspect links, case drop info, and more
  4. Duelbits is a new CS:GO Roulette Site where you can play Classic Roulette but also Dice Duels against other players. Dice Duels work like a coinflip but you play against more players. This Site offers CS:GO Skins for withdraw! Get 1$ for free if you use our Code! Code: csgohowl . CSGOAtse . CSGOAtse is one of the oldest CS:GO Gamble Sites out there. They are trustworthy and offer lots of cool.
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Video games (examples: League of Legends, Fortnite, CS:GO, Dota) Esports Teams (examples: Cloud9, Team Liquid, Fnatic, Investing in the professional scene of esports has primarily taken place through esports teams (orgs), similar to buying a NFL or NBA team. For non-endemic investment groups (especially family offices & VC firms), this has been the preferred method to date in order. What's the deal with RMR 2020 CSGO Stickers? ( 15 votes, average: 3.07 out of 5) After a team sticker-less year in 2020, Valve has finally brought out new CSGO stickers, giving us a chance to once again support our favourite teams, as well as invest some cash into one of the game's most interesting markets. Let's start off with the bad. Pro100 hat mit dem namenlosen Investor eine Vereinbarung getroffen, die es dem Team ermöglicht, einen stärkeren CS: GO-Kader aufzubauen und einen erfahrenen Trainer zu verpflichten. Es ist geplant, auch Valorant- und Dota 2-Dienstpläne zu unterzeichnen Enter one of the best CS:GO skins marketplaces and discover thousands of skins. Join our ever-growing community of skin traders and collectors and buy the best skins for the best prices. Quick top-ups, 100% secure transactions and friendly customer support! trade skins for cash. Sell your old skins or hot new drops for real money! Buy new skins or pay out your earned balance to the e-wallet of.

Focusing solely on CS:GO weapon skins they have the largest selection of skins for the game with an easy to understand layout. The filter isn't as good as others but they have added some options. 5. CS.deals. Claims to have the lowest commissions of all the trade websites. 6. Swap.gg. A very generic swap website with most things trade locked the majority of time. It's a bot trading website. Streaming CS:GO. One of the easiest ways you get paid to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is to earn money through live streaming.. This involves using a streaming platform such as Twitch, DLive, or YouTube Gaming to broadcast live videos of you playing CS:GO.You can then monetize your videos through a variety of different methods - from advertisements and subscriptions to brand.

CS: GO cases usually require you to make an in-game investment. However, there are multiple cases in this game. As an amateur player or even as a veteran it is always a tough ask to choose between cases. Getting your value for money is what you should be aiming for STONKS: emotional investment advice for CS:GO fans. Luci Kelemen. Writes about way too many things. Has way too many opinions. Wants to tell all the interesting stories in the world. Twitter. April 18th, 2020. It can be difficult in these trying times to figure out where to invest your hard-earned fandom savings, especially if you're.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment.It is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series.Developed for over two years, Global Offensive was released for Windows, macOS, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in August 2012, and for Linux in 2014. Valve still regularly updates the game, both with smaller balancing. A CS:GO skin that has passed the test of the time, the M4A1-S Basilisk still looks as cool now as did years ago. If the silver and black body wasn't enough to love, you'll also see a deadly Basilisk engraved onto the play side of the weapon, which is the cherry on top of an already cool skin if you ask us. Check Price . 12. M4A1-S Leaded Glass - Field Tested. For those that like skins with. Generate your own crosshair or browse 110 professional CS:GO players' crosshair settings. Find your favourite Viable Investments in CS:GO. By now, I have listed the supporting theories behind my long-term bullish outlook on a digital currency like CS:GO, and you may be wondering what viable assets exist.

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CSGO Discord Servers. Currently showing all CSGO servers. Votes Members. 631 65,981 members 217 emotes. CSGO Discord. Join the main CS:GO Community on discord - GIVEAWAYS - Tournaments - Active and friendly Staff - 60000+ members. CSGO, Gaming. View Join. 255 2,332 members 175 emotes Sell CS:GO Skins. for Real Money Instantly! We instantly buy your skins from Counter Strike: Global Offensive and send you the cash right away. Sell your skins Watch the tutorial. Instant Cash. 100% Secure. No Hidden Fees. Latest CS:GO Skins Sold on SkinCashier. $2.33. MW. ST™ SSG 08. Fever Dream . 33 minutes ago. $52.94. FT. AWP. Asiimov . 30 minutes ago. $72.91. FN. Gut Knife. Bright Water. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game Servers from $0.79/Private Slot! GAMETRACKER Servers Teams Profiles Games: QUICK LINKS Members Area Search Report a Bug Forums.

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CS:GO Stickers are ingame items, that can be collected and used to place it onto weapon skins. The maximum that can be applied to one single weapon is 4 Stickers. Only the G3SG1 and the R8 Revolver can have 5 Stickers. The Stickers have a different rarity, quality and visual appereance. If you use a Sticker on to a weapon, the item gets removed. Users should find the folder that matches their SteamID and continue opening three more in this order: SteamID > 730 > local > cfg. Make sure that you can see the file extensions .cfg and .txt. See the troubleshooting section below if the file extensions aren't visible. Paste your configuration file or autoexec here and you're all set Players can now target specific loot to go after with their CSGO operation stars. - CS:GO News - WIN.gg - The latest esports and gaming news, on the web and on your phone. DOTA2; CS:GO; LoL; Valorant; UP NEXT. More Matches. Valve. CSGO Operation Broken Fang's store, stars, and prices explained . Nick Johnson • 04/Dec/20 • 20:16. CS:GO. CSGO's Operation Broken Fang seems similar to. CS:GO Weapon Case. Description [ edit ] Appearance history. AK-47 | Case Hardened was added to the game on August 13, 2013, as part of The Arms Deal Collection, which was released alongside The Arms Deal update. Pattern description. The metal parts of the rifle are hardened and coated with blue, yellow and purple stains. The handguard and the buttstock are made of wood. The handle is.

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CS:GO & TF2 key exchanging. Trade your CSGO case keys for Team Fortress 2 keys.CSGO keys are worth more then TF2 keys so try find a good deal where someone wants to trade your keys. You can also do that the other way around of course, find some cheap TF2 keys then trade them for the CS:GO keys that you want. (preferably at a higher ratio, for example 10 TF2 keys for 9 csgo keys, do some. Keyvana, the best platform for trading and investing in CSGO and DOTA 2 skins market. Low comissions (less than 1%) to buy or sell skins. Invest in thousands of cases and stickers

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If you sell such a CS GO skin you don't need to worry about money for quite a long time. This means that if you look at our own Marketplace, you will see that the rarer the skin, the more likely its price is to fluctuate. Since the market is very dynamic, rarer skins, particularly those that are no longer easily lootable will see massive price changes, while established common skins will. The last CS:GO player on our list is another youngster. At the moment, ropz is only 21 years old and the best performing player on mousesports. He played 15 events in total in 2020 and showcased an excellent performance considering how his team fared overall. The Estonian super lurker dominated many of the top CS:GO teams in 2020. Below are his. Tradeit.gg is the best skin trading bot site that let's you trade and exchange skins from CS:GO, Rust and more games Browse all the CS:GO agent patches introduced on 24th February 2020. View individual patch information including images, steam market pricing, rarity, flavor text and more 1. Broken Fang and Fracture CSGO Cases. As for the best cases to open, players should take a look at these two first. CSGO's Printstream skins, available for the M4A1-S and the Desert Eagle, are very popular with players. The M4A1-S comes from CSGO's Operation Broken Fang case, while the Desert Eagle has a chance to drop from the Fracture Case

Buy your CS:GO Skins and keys on SkinBaron! Low prices, instant delivery and many payment methods. SkinBaron - your german marketplace for Skins The more tokens you put in the bank, the better the skin you get is. Each event is a giveaway with 100 prizes for 100 lucky winners Game Cs Go 300mb Pc - investmentfasr investmentfas

Welcome to the leading CS:GO site in the world, featuring news, demos, pictures, statistics, on-site coverage and much much more Group ID: 7074238 CS:GO Market Tips to help you make profit, by... Investing. Most market posts are backed from the response skins get from the Reddit community and their reaction, that's the way we cover our posts. Usually a video goes along with the major updates :) We will not tell you how to spend your money, this group is just to advise other seeking help with problems and analytics that. CS:GO Prime matchmaking leads to a lesser chance of catching hold of a match with cheaters. CSGO Prime Account is 100% clean and has been boosted safely for unmatched gaming performance. The primary purpose of establishing the prime account is to bring about a drastic change in the development of the organizational level functioning and skills of the game. The hackers and trollers started. CS:GO has a lot of gorgeous skins, and some that you can even get for a reasonable price. Here are the 14 best knives under $200 in CS:GO at the moment, as of August 2019. We have already looked at the best knives under $100, so this article will contain skins between $101-$200. 1. Butterfly Knife Night - Field Tested . You sure would blend in with the night with a sleek blade like this one. Check out our Top 10 List of the Best CS:GO Gambling Sites! All sites 100% secure, tested and approved by our staff. Skip to content. Menu. Gambling; Case Opening; Trading; Esport Betting ; CSGO Gambling Sites. After reviewing CSGO gambling sites for over 2 years, one thing has become very clear - there are so many gambling sites to choose from. A group of CSGO Gambling fanatics working with.

INVESTOR RANKING & REWARDS Prizes has been issued 1 DeStRuKt 666 244.18. WW ★ Flip Knife Lore 2 Garrcea 650 205.28. BS ★ Flip Knife Autotronic 3 MyLKa 506 148.39. FT ★ Flip Knife Black Laminate 4 BCC 309 140.66. MW ★ Flip Knife Stained 5 print('пошел нахуй'). Esports investment report, April 2021: OverActive Media, GRID, Epulze. Aside from Epic Games raising an eye-watering $1bn (~£727m), endemic esports companies such as GRID, Epulze, Semper Fortis, and OverActive Media also raised substantial funds in April. Every month, Esports Insider compiles a list of the month's key investment stories

That's why we've collated the best green CS:GO stickers there are which you can find below. 1. AWPer. If you're the team's designated user of the Big Green Gun, then you'll be happy to know that the sticker for your role is that key color: green! Check Price. 2. Dragon (Foil) Dragons can come in all shapes and colors as fans of fantasy will well know (looking at you, RuneScape fans. In April 2020, CS:GO concurrent player count peaked at 1.3M users. Besides the constancy and growth, the esport side of CS:GO is no less. The game has a healthy and highly competitive scene with multiple tournament organizers and a couple of Valve sponsored major events each year. It is also regarded as one of the most, if not the most, spectator friendly esports title. But, this isn't why. Karriere. Finn Andersen machte im Spiel Counter-Strike 1.6 bereits vor Erreichen der Volljährigkeit auf mehreren dänischen LAN-Veranstaltungen auf sich aufmerksam.Im November 2010 wurde der unter dem Nickname karrigan spielende Däne mit deutschen Wurzeln bei mousesports aufgenommen. Er nahm mit dem mousesports-Team an Turnieren in der Volksrepublik China oder Südkorea teil The Investment Opportunity of the Decade. The upcoming year should see esports grow to ~$700 million in revenue, a growth of 41% from the previous year and an increase from $325 million in 2015. Twitch is one of the most popular streaming sites for esports. It was acquired by Amazon in 2014 for $970 million and reached close to 5 billion total hours streamed in 2016. A recent announcement from.

BanG Dream! Minato Yukina Cosplay - AZA Miyuko - Inven GlobalThousands of WoW players gather to mourn Reckful&#39;s passingChampionship Jhin by LANI - Inven GlobalLeague of Legends: Irelia : Blade of Ionia - LoL FanartMiss Fortune joins Legends of Runeterra in upcoming RisingLeague of Legends | Esports | Trine University

The CS GO gloves are extremely rare drop, so you will be seeing a lot of other weapons drop during your hunt for any CSGO gloves, therefore it may be better to pick a case that has more expensive skins. Buying and selling CSGO gloves. If you want to sell a pair of CSGO gloves, you can do this either on Steam Community Market, on third-party markets or services such as Skinwallet. Each of these. Im Januar trieben Kleinanleger die Kurse von zuvor geshorteten Aktien wie GameStop und AMC in die Höhe, um sich gegen Hedgefonds durchzusetzen. Dennoch konnten sie an den Kurskapriolen nur. Despite the fact that it's still smashing concurrent player records and went free-to-play in 2018, you'll still hear jokes that CS:GO is a 'dead game'. But if 2020 is anything to go by, it couldn.

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